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In the News - Beat the heat
Beat the heat and beware heat stroke....
Release Date: 7/16/2010

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Company History

For over 100 years Boise Cold Storage Company has been the primary downtown storage location for dry, refrigerated and frozen storage solutions for perishable products used by the railroad, merchants, food production manufactures and even private freezer rooms for persons in the Boise area.  Located initially along 16th street, close to the railroad, these buildings still serve as the primary storage and ice-making facility in the area.  They are easily visible from the connector overpass between 15th Street and Americana Blvd.

The Company’s modern facility today is a giant step forward from those early days, but still provides the same high quality products and services as before.  The plant is a modern ammonia-cooled, cold storage facility.  We have five compressors that run our plant refrigeration.  Typically we run three as primary compressors and have two on reserve if needed or for the high temperature spikes during the summer.
Our facility is inspected regularly throughout the year by the Department of the Army, Department of Agriculture, Analytical Labs, NSF International, and Central District Health.  We are also inspected monthly but a pest control service.  Additionally we have a current HACCP policy that is also inspected by a third party annually.  Please see attached inspection reports for your review.

We pride ourselves in excellent personal service to our customers; we want to know them and help them grow their businesses.  We believe our customers’ success is as valuable as our success and we make every effort to help them achieve their goals.  In order to do so, we offer customized services for each customers needs and have experienced office, warehousemen and forklift operators to handle their product.   We do not believe a certain amount of product damage is acceptable.  Every case we store is important and we make every effort to eliminate any damaged product whenever possible.

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